Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday, November 5, 2015

in Athletics on Thurs / Fri @ 7:30am - 2:45pm
Students / Seniors = $5
Adults = $ 7
Saturday @ Stellos @ 4pm

Girls' SOCCER vs. Pinkerton away @ Stellos 
Stadium @ 6pm for the NHIAA Semi-Finals

The Freshman Bulldogs faced 11 teams who were all gunning for the championship.  The format of the Tournament was that each team played each team throughout the night.  Each team got 4 downs on offense then 4 on defense.  The objective was to win the round to get as many points as possible to make it into the semi-finals, to then win the semi-finals to make it into the finals to then win the championship.

Bedford earned enough points to face Pinkerton in the Semi-Finals. Bedford won the semi's to go to the finals to face Goffstown again.  Bedford scored first on our first down as Gtown chose to defend.  Bedford went for the 2 point conversion and succeeded.  Goffstown scored on their 4th possession and went for 2 to tie up. The Bedford defense held Goffstown with a stop on the third-yard line to win the championship. An incredible end to a great season. The kids were ecstatic and earned the win with some great adjustments, tough play, and finished to the very end.

General notes, all the coaches from all the teams were great and it was nice to see many of them again.  The Alvirne staff and AD's was outstanding, very kind, and accommodating. In fact, Alvirne made it to the consolation round to face Nashua North.

Last note and probably the best part outside of winning the tournament, when we were playing Pinkerton in the Semi Final, I kept hearing people cheering for us chanting "Bedford, Bedford, Lets go Bedford" ... Come to find out it was the Merrimack kids cheering us on.  After our Pinkerton game, Merrimack played Salem and I had my kids stay on that side of the field next to Merrimack to cheer on Merrimack who ended up beating Salem.  Merrimack stayed till the end to cheer us on against Goffstown in the final game. Outstanding sportsmanship by them and it was greatly appreciated by the Bulldogs.  Great way to finish the season!!

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