Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Due to School Closings - Please refer to the weekly practice and game today for updates.

Unified BASKETBALL vs. Manchester Central
Our game against Central High became interesting by halftime when the score was Bedford 20 and Central 19.  Central's scoring was dominated by Taylor Flanders who had 10 points at the half.  Bedford was down 26 to 29 at the end of 3rd quarter which made the Fourth Quarter a nail biter as we climbed our way back into the game.  Q4 Brett Cain tallied  a much need 10 points with  a basket for both Matt Pennick and Jamie Burroughs contributing to our 1 point win and giving Bedford their second win this season.  

Final:  Brett Cain 26 points, Matt Pennick 6, Justin Tombs 4 while and Jamie Burrough and Olivia Murry both had a hoop for 2 points each.   giving Bedford their second win this season.  
Taylor Flanders had 20 points to lead Central’s scoring and giving us a challenging game.

The outpouring of comradery, love, and support from the Girl's Basketball team and their coaches for coming up with the idea to present our Unified team with tee shirts was all their idea and truly shows what a unified school community we are continuing to establish at BHS.
The V and JV cheerleader were as excited to cheer for both our team and Central's team as we were to have them support and cheer us on!
Another way our student care and respect each other.  Thanks to all the cheerleaders for forgoing their afternoon practice and being with us today. Wow so awesome!!

Thank you to the benevolent gesture of the many team parents who  providing all those snacks  and drinks for not only our team but Central, the girl's basketball team, and the V and JV Cheerleaders. Your generosity is greatly appreciated

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